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ZAPHIRE TECHNOLOGIES L.L.C. also known as ZATECO, is a leading oil and gas services facilitator and provider since 2009, offering technical solutions, state-of-the-art technologies, and precise services to serve and cater to chronicle impediments to most oil and gas-related difficulties.
We possess engineering capability for upstream, downstream & midstream through a rich history of first-hand expertise in the oil and gas and petrochemical industries.
ZAPHIRE is certified for ISO 9001,14001, 18001, IADC, and Trace Certified. We are providing the latest technology of material, products, and services to fulfill our customer`s requirements in Sudan, South Sudan, and UAE through the cooperation of our reputed connections worldwide. 


Zaphire Technologies (ZATECO) possesses a rich history, since its establishment in 2009, ZATECO gained the trust of its client very early as a result of the success achieved by combining innovation with expertise. Mohamed A. Abdelsamie -Founder and General Manager- took the risk of penetrating a market dominated by Chinese contenders as a result of the late US sanctions that deprived Sudan of many technologies.
With an objective of resourcing the requirements of high quality, the latest technology of engineering products, materials, chemicals, and services to the ever-growing oil & gas industry, Zaphire has evolved itself over the years and is now a full-fledged entity with an emphasis on supply & service to diverse sectors of the industry, including technical services and field support.
The core strength of ZATECO is the cutting-edge technologies and solutions which ZATECO offers through a long list of partners worldwide. 

About Zaphire


The name Zaphire is derived from the Latin "Saphirus" or Sapphire, a precious gemstone, a variety of the mineral corundum, consisting of aluminum oxide (α-Al2O3) with trace amounts of elements such as iron, titanium, chromium, vanadium, or magnesium. Read more.
Since its beginning in 1998, the oil and gas industry had faced so many difficulties, and after the US sanctions were extended in 2002, it became almost impossible for the oil and gas industry to keep up with the challenges.
Zaphire was born and formed as a result of the pressure and heat imposed upon this industry. We pledged to help it not only survive but become as competent as the other well-known and well-established oil and gas sectors in the gulf area and the world.
The yellow color alone is a symbol of caution and alert, as we are always at full alert to perform the job as accurately as possible, also we attend to your queries and requests.
When the yellow is combined with the precious stone it represents our uniqueness and supremacy, it also emphasizes our ability to attain scarce materials and services.
We put all of this at the disposal of our customers and clients. 

Our Services

Since its establishment in 2009, ZATECO. has it as its main role to supply the oil industry in Sudan with the solutions it needs. The ever-growing industry is always challenged and under constant development, therefore, falling behind means great loss and deferment.
ZATECO was there since the early stages, in which the knowledge was still humble, we kept a steady pace to keep up and be ready when needed.
Work domain:
We offer studies, solutions, and modifications, we complete installations if the customer requires them. Our scope covers a huge spectrum for upstream and downstream including drilling chemicals, reservoir studies, simulations, cementing, PLT, and completion. Artificial lift solutions include ESP, PCP, and gas lift. We also push toward the use of new technologies and keep a fresh record of the applied technologies aiming to become pioneers in the African region.
Our downstream solutions are cover meters, sampling devices, heaters, pigging, and lots of solutions.

Success stories
Attempting to give a glimpse of what we offer to the market and to our customers, we owe this success to our partners worldwide who did not just look for it as a business opportunity but a gesture to extend help and spread knowledge.
Here are some of our successes throughout the past decade:

The oil quality is a vital factor especially for long-distance traveling through pipelines. Sudan is a big country, not all oil fields have the same oil properties, and viscous oil is difficult to handle considering its pour point and how far it was intended to travel.
ZATECO offered surface heaters and this had a positive impact on the production of oil from wells with high viscosity, saving considerable costs the wells were put back to production once the heaters were installed and operated correctly.

After the US sanctions on Sudan for more than two decades, most of the meters, devices, and many types of equipment were worn out and out of service, ZATECO. Intervened with alternatives with high-end quality and saved the industry from starvation.
We supplied most of the necessary meters and sample collectors.

Workaround obstacles:
Throughout the years, many companies merge or just die as a result of the ever-changing market, this is very tricky and devastating especially when the consumer has limited reach as a result of the embargo and payment restrictions. Our client and their contractors as well were deprived of downhole measurement tools after a merger. This has become a challenge to solve, we offered alternative downhole sensors at a low cost and it was successful.

Cost-saving solutions:
Downhole cables, surface equipment, and artificial lift equipment are very important for operating companies, this means that a single source of such equipment will take a vantage of the situation and will eventually raise their prices. We at ZATECO tried to end the monopoly of certain manufacturers and now the market is open to the best service and the best quality along with the best prices, we ended up winning numerous tenders as a result.

Oil & Gas

ZATECO secured its place with KRC to become a solution provider. The KRC was dominated by a single source for more than two decades. At ZATECO. We felt it is about time to penetrate this market and have it renovated.
Our scope covers the supply and provision of consumables, chemicals, and heat exchangers.
Since the technology in use is quite old, we are at the tips of our toes to transfer this situation to as good as possible.
ZATECO also managed to team up with the well-known Baker Hughes to supply equipment to KRC.
Since our deal with KRC is still at an early stage, we are willing to give this business sector all the attention it needs to thrive and develop despite the harsh conditions of scarcity and increasing demand.  


Teamed up with experts, ZATECO is offering a long list of certified training courses related to the Oil and Gas industry, also including but not limited to HSE certificates. The training is performed by experts and reputable institutes.
We look forward to providing the market with the expertise it requires without the hefty cost of traveling.
Our training spectrum covers technical certifications as well. We have a rich contact list in which we can reach experts in various fields and offer the required training package.

Training lists consist of but are not limited to:

  1. QHSE
    • NEBOSH
      (National Examination For Occupation Safety & Health)
    • IEMA
      (International Environmental Management Associate)
    • IOSH
      (International Occupational Safety & Health Diploma)
    • H2S Awareness and Control.
    • Emergency Planning and Response Enhancement.
  2. Technical
    • Artificial Lift
      • Electrical Submersible Pumps
      • Progressive Cavity Pumps
      • Gas Lift and Gas Injection.
      • Sucker Rods and Beam Pumps.
    • Drilling Technologies.
    • Reservoir Control.
    • Application and Design.
  3. Management
    • Inventory Control.
    • Field Management.
    • Staff and Human Resources.
  4. Miscellaneous
    • ICDL (International Computer Driving License)
    • DDC (Defensive Driving Courses)
    • IDC (International Driver Certification)
    • Pipeline Welding Certificate
    • Caple Splice Certificate. 

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Our Partners in Success

ZATECO is on a continuous quest in search of technology and service innovators to ensure we provide our clients with the latest available solutions that would help them assure flow of their business.
Below are the major partners we work with, in the different sectors we cater to. A complete list of our services and clients can be found in our profiles on the services page.
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